Monday, 4 January 2016

Dujanah Progress

Happy New Year, lets hope it's a good one. 2015 was a bit rubbish for me, if it wasn't one thing it was another. 

I've been making a great deal of progress on the game, in particular I've been making mini-games that will act as something like dungeons for certain stories. The first is The Caves of Al Dajjal, a wee metroidlike game. People I've ran the game past have been pretty positive citing old-school challenge and the likes but I'm aware it still needs some tweaking. 

I've also moved the game away from being too political or critical or whatever, not overtly taking or criticising any ideas, now it is more of a vehicle for stories from different people with a focus on moral philosophy and listening to voices that aren't often heard. I think it's more interesting this way. 

I was also thinking of doing another wee Kickstarter to fund it, any thoughts on that? Other funding options are scant. UKGameDev fund understandably doesn't consider solo devs and regarding Art Funding I'm unsure that I'd even qualify, wouldn't like to use tax payers money on it and would hate to take funds away from another artist who may need it more. 


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