Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dujanah progress

I've been pottering away at this Beeswing follow up called Dujanah for ages now. I wanted to make another game about community,  morals etc. It started as a game set in a village near Chernobyl, Belarus. After the Charlie Hebdo attack I felt that one of the big moral dilemmas of our time is religious violence and misconceptions regarding, so I decided to set the game in a fictional Islamic majority country, keeping some of the stories. Now the game is a hodgepodge of things and I'm going with that. 

During talks and research for this project I've noticed folk bringing about different ways to stop conversation, eg "who is to say who is right?". From an educated liberal on Saudi government's surgical removal of the limbs of thieves: "You can't comment because you aren't of their culture". 

Some things I keep in mind:
-Those who suffer most at the hands of Islamists and extremists are Muslims (particularly women).
-Themes of: pluralism, intent, torture, modernity+barbarism etc 
-The game isn't about Islam, it is about people.
-It needs to be entertaining. 

Not sure how to end the game. I don't like how games need to have a clear end. Can't there just be a bunch of things then when you realise there's nothing left to do you switch off? It seems an appropriate "whimper" of an ending but also feels like an easy way out. 

So far I have one area left to do plus some interiors in regards to visuals, I still need to finalise a lot of the text and work out an ending. Things are really tough at the moment so I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to finish off these last things. Hopefully have a build up in a week or two for testers 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Revisiting past works: Will You Ever Return?

Will You Ever Return? was created in 30 days for a Halloween competition. It was my first completed game and sort of got the ball rolling for me using games as a medium. I was surprised to find out that the game had won the competition, albeit to many disgruntled comments from those who didn't enjoy it due to the piece being rather unorthodox.

The visual side of the game was created using modeling clay, items bought from a thrift shop in Poland and other accoutrements. Both the visual and the audio of the game are littered with references to pop culture and beyond; from Sylvia Plath and Don Patterson to Will Smith and Danzel, from Grieg to Unchained Melody. This design choice was partly an attempt to link the endlessly referential, 80s post-modernist lit-crit theory with ideas of purgatory and fear of death. I employed the problematic creative tool of plagiarism in a kind of ecstasy of influence.

" of the most interesting (important even) freeware games of late. "

 "This game is a journey through the
 purgatory of conscience and 
        into the peace of  acceptance"    
      the Arts Desk    
"as clever as it is stupid – i.e. very."   
"From trashy internet memes to high brow literature and mythology, Will You Ever Return? quite capably fixes together all parts of modern culture... into a game of serious thoughts, amusing bylines and symbolic throwarounds."    
        indie static