Monday, 30 May 2016

Meaning and Fun

What did you have for breakfast?
Is breakfast a game?

Last time I talked here it was about semantic misunderstandings regarding art. I covered how capital A art is invested in meaning and that games have very little to say in this regard. This seemed quite difficult for some people. Full transcript of that talk is available online.

This talk is based on our hunger for reality. For folk like us TV is too slow, reddit isn't even fast enough, I'm constantly reloading the twitter feed, it's just not enough. This is mostly going to be a list of questions I find myself asking. You may answer but I won't stop for you. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dujanah Progress

I'm a good chunk into the second mini-game, an as yet untitled love-em-up that is pungently cute and involves spreading the love . In the above GIF the character can be seen with Mr Chicken and then comments on Ellie's new bumbag. Mr Puss can be seen in the corner. Truly revolting stuff. *edit - changed Mr Puss to Mr Cat.

I had a little break from working on Dujanah over the holidays but I'm back at it now and I just absolutely love it. Whilst making the animations I have ideas about the story, whilst implementing the story I have ideas about the sound and so on and so on. Not to belie my other works but I'm not sure I've ever felt so passionately about a game. I feel the narrative does some really exciting things too but I can't really tell anyone because it may ruin all the fun, such is the case with narrative pieces.

I'm pretty certain now that I will attempt to crowdfund Dujanah. It turns out the UK Games Fund doesn't consider solo devs and I have concerns with arts funding (tax payer money, months of uncertainty, uncertain all over). Also, I sort of like the philosophy behind Kickstarter, supporting the little guy and allowing for niche works to happen. I estimate that I'm about 65% finished which seems the sort of correct place to launch from. Anyway, fingers crossed for me.