Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Beeswing Released!

or if you are outside the UK

All purchases include 17 track soundtrack.

My labour of love Beeswing has now been released. Sadly the New Year brought with it new VAT laws which have made it a bit difficult for me to distribute the game but I'm happy to say it is availabe through the above widgets.

The Stage, a Vignette Project.

The Stage is a Vignette project. On The Stage you will see many sights and sounds. It is a means for mean to showcase my stray audio and visual ideas. I am open for collaborations for this project.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Sluggish Morss doesn't sell 60K copies in a month

Sluggish Morss: ɯnʇıuıɟuı p∀ has shifted 103 copies in ten months, developer Jack King-Spooner has announced.
Not bad for a few minute game with no combat made by a small man - even it is a team led by Will You Ever Return: In da Hood director Jack King-Spooner.