Friday, 6 November 2015

Dujanah progress

This blog is mainly going to be a devlog for Dujanah for the foreseeable future. I am currently working on the area designs and have been having trouble finding something that can represent an oil refinery. All other areas of the game are represented in clay or photo collage but neither technique felt right for the factory. A revelation came when I was taking out the recycling and now the oil refinery is well on the way. 

The oil plant is one of the more important areas in the game in terms of one of the major themes: intent. If you ask any soldier, after a few beers, why they are peace keeping in Afghanistan or why there was an intervention in Iraq the topic of oil soon arises. This area is fundamentally to allow discussion on the topic of oil. 


  1. A technical question. Is the basis for your game an RPG Maker with custom assets added or a different piece of software?

  2. It's made in Constrauct 2 with some 3rd party/ extra plugins.