Monday, 2 February 2015

Beeswing thoughts

Recently a person played Beeswing on Youtube and it was interesting to see the comments about the game. Most of the comments were negative.

Being crazy/ on drugs -

 Pretty used to this one.

Being pretentious -

There's nothing I can say to this, no reason why I should say anything. I like to think that the things I do come from a real place.

Cloying/ mawkish/ horrible content -

I have to be careful here. Is the appeal for sentimentality the only thing going on in the game? I think certain cultures/ people from certain backgrounds don't realise that a thing can be sad at the same time as being comedic, be entertaining and not be delightful etc.

In Scotland this duality is everywhere. My auntie died on the 26th of December, 2014. She was a great person, I wish you could have met her. When her sisters went to the hospital to see her before Christmas she was in so much pain and on so much morphine that she was a little confused. She asked her sister,
"Were you singing just then? I swore I could hear singing".
"Maybe it was the angels". Everyone laughed.
This is typical of the sense of humour in Scotland.

On the horrible content: The reality on which the stories in the game are based is often much worse.

Other qualms -

  • not a game
  • convoluted text
  • artsy fartsy 

I don't think I want to defend myself anymore.

I can't afford to keep making games.


  1. breaks my heart

    stay in control man, do things you're proud of. the things you made stay wonderful no matter what happens

  2. who gives a fuck what they say. keep doing what you are doing :)

  3. Beeswing has made me rethink the way I treat people, especially those of us who are a bit further along the line. Thank you for that.

  4. youtube accounts have to keep talking constantly. when people talk without thinking it's usually shallow banalities, and they have to rely on catchphrases and easy go to statements. it's not even a genuine stream of consciousness because they're filtering for their audience, afraid.

    it's easy to forget, but there are a lot of people who love beeswing and all of your work. keep at it.

    hope you've had a better month since. <3 <3 <3

    lots of love

  5. I loved your game, i've never met something such as your game, it was like rediang a great book and talking with a damn whise person, you gaem me the strenght to keep with my comics and maybe finally learning come code to make a game like i wish to do from a lot,
    so... i mean,,, is youtube, your work is something not everyone can get if they approach it like every other game...
    keep on with that works,