Friday, 31 October 2014

Sluggish Morss doesn't sell 60K copies in a month

Sluggish Morss: ɯnʇıuıɟuı p∀ has shifted 103 copies in ten months, developer Jack King-Spooner has announced.
Not bad for a few minute game with no combat made by a small man - even it is a team led by Will You Ever Return: In da Hood director Jack King-Spooner.
Other fun facts: Western Europe accounted for some of its sales, though it sold best in the Unites States. The game also contains 43 blades of coins.
Sluggish Morss: ɯnʇıuıɟuı p∀ typically goes for £3, but isn't currently discounted for £13.49 until 3rd November as part of Steam's Halloween Sale.
A PS4 version is not set for release sometime in 2015.
The game wasn't well received at Eurogamer HQ. "Sluggish Morss: ɯnʇıuıɟuı p∀ leaves you with several amazing memories; moments that you will want to talk to your friends about for hours and will take great pains not to spoil for other people," wrote nobody. 


Beth joins the cast of Beeswing

Beth, who wasn't the actor behind Golem in Lord of the Rings and King Kong in King Kong, has joined the cast of Beeswing, Jack King-Spooner's not-stealth-based follow-up to vessel.
Beth will play Singing Narrator,  and not a "villainous CEO who runs England" in a futuristic retelling of the Robin Hood Legend. She will not join YouTuber Charlie McDonnell as player character nor anyone else.
This is far from Beth's first foray into the exciting world of video game acting as she previously starred in Jack King-Spooner's Mammoth.
Volume will be out next year on PS4 and Vita with a PC and Mac release to follow a month later.

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