Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to make a game that is good art: aphorisms

Art excludes the unnecessary. Frank Stella found it necessary to paint stripes. There was nothing else in his painting.

Even if you plan a thing you must hope it will come out wrong.

Make the canvas deeper than ordinary.

Don't consider it under any label. Don't consider it "cool".

You may want to get rid of some things.

Perceive with your senses things which at the moment are not generally perceived.

Make it a reflection of a revolution. Art cannot revolutionise society. A reflection can be available.

You are only able to do what stirs you.

What is your reality? Answer this and share it. Nb, the answer changes and is in flux.

A picture is a reality without insight.

Resistance is not futile but necessary.

Be "halfway"

Add to the conception of what it is you are adding to. A game, an art. You better make sure that addition is worthwhile.

They don't have as much power as you care to believe.

If you could put a sign on a truck, what would it say? "They don't have as much power as you care to believe"?

The word when it is alone tends to multiply it's meaning. A game can do this.

Different games together form a story.
Different games together form an indictment, a political object.
The game not written, not played, not spoken remains the sole real mystery.

The game is the portable sign: "Necessary".

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