Thursday, 11 July 2013


Theory: our time is the most important in the world. The games of our time are the 
most important games. The games before my time had no immediate contribution to our 
aesthetics since those games are history explaining past behaviour, but not necessarily 
offering solutions to our problems. Games are not divorced from life. It is dialectic. 
It is ever changing and in revolt to the past.

Theory2: a game is a reality without insight. Every process of conception and imagination while playing begins with the figure of resistence.

Theory3: "Games: Seen either as realistic models (not descriptions) of a life-span...
 or as freely invented rule-structures. Thus it becomes important to stress relations 
(as opposed to "free-form" where everything can be related). The necessity of repetition 
to show that a rule functions. The thrill of tension and resolution, of having both conflict
and non-conflict (as opposed to "free-form" where in principle everything is equal)..." Öyvind Fahlström 1966 

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