Friday 26 July 2013

Experiment 12

I was fortunate enough to take part in a chain game organised by the very clever Mr Terry Cavanagh. A chain game is when you do that old favourite parlour game the exquisite corpse except, instead of pictures or writing, you all make little computer games.

Download it

I was is some very talented company so my game sits in the shadows of some great games. Mr Michael Brough made a truly astounding game in the allocated time and I feel the download is worth it just to play his game. But I have failed to mention Zarathustra's game, it is also very fantastic and frankly inspiring. Now lets not forget my dear chum Jake Clover's game, gosh, how I did laugh with joy.

In retrospect, I'm not totally unhappy with my game, I tried something new with new tools and learnt some new dos and don'ts along the way. I fear my weakness in game making is the aspect which makes a thing a game. Game is becoming a word like reality in that I'm starting to feel it ought to always be in inverted commas. I like the pictures I made, kind of an L.S. Lowry meets Kafka theme.

I love how it makes up a whole now that all the parts can be seen together. I love how it all makes complete sense.
EXPERIMENT 12 windows only for the time being.

Did You Know? 12 facts about Experiment 12

  1.  The story has been being written for almost 3 years now and was started by ProSieben und Socialmedia girl Nela Pongy-Lee. 
  2. Every Dev has hidden a secret goose in their game! Can you find them all?
  3. The original title of the project was Bath Time: A Virtual Tour of Bath !
  4. If you leave it on the selection screen for 3 mins without pressing a button or changing window then you will be treated to a short vocal piece by Grayson Perry who has generously supported and financed the entire piece! The piece is accompanied with images of the developers!
  5. Each game took over 4 hours to make!
  6. Way over 4 hours!
  7. More than ten hours!
  8. Way more than ten hours!
  9. The protagonist is in fact called Susan Bumperhink and doesn't appear in any of the chapters!
  10. There are over 10 parts!
  11. Way over ten parts!
  12. The first sound you hear in the game was made by throwing a cabage against a wall. . . underwater! In reverse! 

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  1. Creepy stuff, almost shit my pants when I saw the police officers through the window. Inspiring!